Next Generation Investors

We do more than provide capital. We help build sustainable businesses.

profitable and bleeding edge opportunities

We are focused on progressive industry funding.

vision of a brighter future.

We are creating an ecosystem that strategically work together.

sustainable tomorrow

Our goal is to assist with the creation of your financial future

About us

Sno Capital is a leading-edge investment fund

SNO Capital exists to offer the next generation investor access to profitable and bleeding-edge opportunities.

Proudly Canadian

Sno Capital is an active and direct source of capital in Canada, based in Vancouver, British Columiba.

Sno Capital offers founders and investors a path to liquidity through technologically advanced equity in Canada.
our services

We provide investment opportunities for Businesses to achieve goals.

Dedicated Portfolio Managers

Our trained professionals will be allocated personally to you, to manage your investments.

Active Risk Management

Sno Capital constantly evaluates the ever-changing market and our decisions are formed on risk mitigation.


Thesis-driven investments in complementary companies – laying the foundation for long-term success.

Customized Investments

Diversifying public and private investment portfolios to maximize growth and profit.

Exclusive Opportunities

Our team strives to deploy capital for businesses within private sectors that would be exclusive to Sno Capital.

Seasoned Team

Sno Capital's team of seasoned operators are cross-trained in both capital market and investment strategies.

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Our Investments

Current Investments

We have included a range of our current investments below. Explore our current investments with direct links to their websites.

Luff Enterprises

X1 Esports & Entertainment

Quality Greens

Could be your company

Sno Capital

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